"Empathy is our common language, giving voice to the heart's most profound yearnings, eloquently articulating the soul's most anguished questions.Through its thoughtful actions and interactions, empathy creates the invisible connections that hold us together, one human to another, neighborhood to village, community to country, nation to planet."
From: The Power of Empathy

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CJ Liu interviews Dr. Arthur P Ciarmamicoli about his newest book “The Triumph of Diversity.” Over the last 30 years, Dr. Ciarmamicoli has facilitated a leadership and communication group. Often these groups are very diverse. Recently, the advent of sadistic toxic leaders has pervaded our highest levels on a global scale. See more...




America Reunited:
A Relational Solution to Bridging the Political, Social and Personal Chasm Dividing Our Nation

Arthur P. Ciaramicoli, Ed.D., Ph.D.

A book to bridge the divide of a nation living in two realities.

“Please read this book slowly, share it with as many people as possible.”—Robert Cherney, Ph.D. Former Harvard Medical School Faculty, Chief Psychologist, Advocates Community Counseling Services, Framingham, Massachusetts

America Reunited uncovers the diverse factors leading to the hateful speech and behavior that has overtaken our country. We are experiencing the greatest divide among our people in many years. Dr. Ciaramicoli provides insight into the origin of hatred through poignant case histories, showing how unresolved hurts of the past can turn in projected aggression onto others in adulthood.

America Reunited answers the question of how stress in individuals can translate into distress for an entire nation.

America Reunited takes a comprehensive approach to addressing the multifaced complexities America is facing. The roots of profound dissatisfaction—poverty, racism, sexism—are dealt with and interpersonal and policy resolutions are provided.

America Reunited provides the solutions to the challenges America must deal with in order to maintain the democracy we have all cherished for so many years. It is a book of hope and a call to all citizens to join in a most important effort to preserve our humanity and to take an active part in creating a more cohesive nation.


Triumph of Diversity:
How to Rejoice and Benefit from the Interconnectedness of Mankind

Arthur P. Ciaramicoli, Ed.D., Ph.D.

Have we come to a time where differences in color, religion, sexuality, or nationality are seen as threats to our way of life? Has exclusion and lack of interest in those suffering in other parts of the world become a way to protect us from our fears? When we close the door to those who seem dissimilar, we limit our potential for growth. Diversity expands the mind and enriches the soul; it is the antidote to groupthink.

In The Triumph of Diversity, Dr. Ciaramicoli analyzes prejudice by tracing it to personal origins and relates true stories of courageous individuals who have overcome hatred, cruelty and sadism to become open-minded, loving resilient people. He re-emphasizes that we are in desperate need of those who unite rather than those who ostracize.

 Dr. Ciaramicoli shares his observations as a psychologist in clinical practice, his interviews with laymen, clinicians and clergy, and data from current research to conclude, as Thomas Paine said, “My Country is the World; my Religion is to do Good,” and that learned prejudices can be laid bare and redirected to give way to genuine empathy and inclusion over exclusion.

Book Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pQj8CvBupFA&feature=youtu.be&fbclid=IwAR0MtXixffVq-jwnxYbtk5Bhb8R6ZXADno5_brgDpHFAngRBL95CbZivmPU

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New Book!

The Soulful Leader: Success with Authenticity, Integrity, and Empathy

By Arthur Ciaramicoli
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The Soulful Leader

The Soulful Leader provides poignant and practical examples of Dr. Ciaramicoli's ground-breaking AIE (authenticity, integrity and empathy) leadership platform for leaders in all industries to help them successfully optimize the potential of employees.

AIE leadership produces an environment where staff members grow to respect each other while producing on the highest possible level.

Dr. Ciaramicoli has developed this approach during 35 years of consulting with and counseling leaders in business, education, politics, and on athletic teams. His communication and leadership groups have been ongoing for over 30 years, which has allowed him to study the personal characteristics that lead to excellent leadership skills. His pioneering approach offers new promise to a society struggling with fear and doubt about those in powerful positions.

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New Book!

The Stress Solution: Using Empathy and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to Reduce Anxiety and Develop Resilience

By Arthur Ciaramicoli
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The Stress Solution: Using Empathy and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to Reduce Anxiety and Develop Resilience

Contemporary life has come to include 1. working too much, 2. sleeping too little, and 3. feeling disconnected from partners and family (largely because of 1 and 2.) Our health and relationships suffer (as does our work.) As author Ciaramicoli shows, this state of affairs can be changed — while maintaining high performance success. His simple and realistic, yet powerful and profound techniques show readers how to use empathy to perceive accurately, use CBT to correct distorted thinking, and trigger our own neurochemistry to produce calm, focused energy. He developed this unique, three-pronged approach over 35 years working with clients struggling with depression, anxiety, and addictions. Over and over again, he has helped sufferers overcome old hurts and combat performance anxiety, fears, and hypervigiliance. Ciaramicoli’s is a truly pioneering approach, and one that offers new promise to readers facing a variety of stress-based concerns.

Prejudice, Stress and the Role of Empathy


The Power of Empathy

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ISBN: 978-0452282285
The Power of Empathy shows how people can use empathy as an assessment tool in all their relationships. Empathy can signal when people are well-intentioned and when they are deceitful. It gives us the skill to read people accurately and negotiate with insight and wisdom. It can shield people from manipulative strangers and strengthen the bonds between loved ones. It is a capacity that has been overlooked, underused, and misunderstood for too long. Both prescriptive and narrative, The Power of Empathy provides a practical framework for anyone to use empathy to better his or her life.

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Peformance Addiction

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  Why do so many of the most accomplished, successful, and admired people in the world remain unhappy and unfulfilled in spite of their achievements? If you feel that way, according to Dr. Arthur P. Ciaramicoli, former Harvard Medical School instructor, you may suffer from performance addiction--the belief that perfecting appearance and achieving status will secure the love and respect of others.

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Performance Addiction on CNN


 Two New Wordbooks on Anxiety, Depression and Balancing Success

Transforming Anxiety into Joy:
A Practical Workbook to Gain Emotional Freedom

By Arthur Ciaramicoli
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Transforming Anxiety into Joy: A Practical Workbook to Gain Emotional Freedom

Our anxiety increases or decreases depending on our typical way of perceiving. Our characteristic way of perceiving determines how much tension and anxiety we live with moment to moment. We are hardwired early in life to see the world in certain ways; most of us have learned biased ways of interpreting what we see and what we experience. We need to change our conditioning so that we are oriented to perceiving the truth. When we become better at deciphering the facts before us we are less likely to allow our minds to run wild and accentuate circumstances. This workbook will help you discover the formula to retrain your mind and begin the process of disciplining yourself to react to the truth before you, thus lessening the conditioned anxiety response

The Goodness Renaissance Project

The Goodness Renaissance Project was founded by Arthur P. Ciaramicoli. The Project is an international effort to help individuals experience a re-birth of the goodness we were all born with and to realize the spiritual, health and societal benefits of doing good for others. Goodness withers due to life circumstances and the project is designed to help people experience goodness breakthroughs through practical steps that will enhance each person’s quality of life. We are additionally conducting a national survey on goodness and will reveal the results in the near future.

change your story

Changing Your Inner Voice:
A Journey through Depression to Truth and Love

By Arthur Ciaramicoli
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Changing Your Inner Voice: A Journey through Depression to Truth and Love

Your self voice is a critical factor in beating depression. In my 30-plus years of clinical practice I have learned that the way we talk to ourselves, whether we have an understanding or punitive internal voice, determines our mood. I will share several diverse stories of my clients who have suffered from depression and now live depression free. If you do the work I recommend in each chapter, you will likely begin the very important process of seeing yourself in a more positive light. Globally, 350 million people suffer from depression and 1 in 10 Americans say they suffer from depression as well. Fifty years ago, the average age of a depressive episode was close to 30 years of age; today it is 14.5 years of age. Depression is a global problem affecting virtually every nation. As you read through these chapters, I hope you will be able to slowly begin to change the way you talk to yourself. Together, we will take part in a journey to defeat depression by making a commitment to change the course of your life.

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"Bravo! Dr. Ciaramicoli has written his best book. The Curse of the Capable is a wonderful find in the toolshed of happiness. If you are alive, this book is for you. Dr. Ciaramicoli tackles the problems capable people face with impeccable psychological competence and the genuine compassion you can expect from an authority on empathy."

~ P.M. Forni, Professor, Johns Hopkins University and author of The Civility Solution: What to Do when People are Rude.

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